Art for sale by Janet Botes

Janet Botes
B. Tech Graphic Design (Cum Laude) (Vaal University of Technology)
"I love things that symbolize, express or honour the rhythms, seasons and cycles of nature. I believe that energy connects us within space and time to each other, the planet and everything in, on and around it. Art has the ability to strengthen these energy connections and I hope that my work helps to strengthen or develop the connection between people, nature and the creativity inherent in everyone."

In Janet's Nuances series, she digitally composes and combines photographs, textures and other elements to create unique new landscapes. Other work that illustrates her process and philosophy best is the paintings of land art - essentially documenting patterns, shapes or images created onsite, in the landscape, by using naturally found and available materials. Sometimes some of the materials are also taken to the studio and used to create assemblage or sculptural pieces that aim to capture the essence of the transient experiences in the landscape.

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