• 13 July 2019
    We visited the studio of abstract artist Melody French and captured part of her art making process to share with you in a short film.
  • 31 May 2019
    Visit Jeannie Kinsler in her studio in Durban in this short film for a peek into her home life and creative inspirations.
  • 13 March 2019
    Meet Jonathan van der Walt - a fine art sculptor based in Port Elizabeth and get a glimpse into his daily life and art-making process.
  • 25 February 2019
    In this short film, we visit Corné Eksteen in his studio in Durban as he prepares for his solo exhibition 'NEXUS'.
  • 22 December 2018
    In this film and interview we visit the natural areas that inspire Laurel's printmaking and painting, and learn about visual loss and the impact of environmental degradation for future generations.
  • 28 November 2018
    Learn more about printmaking from artist and teacher Noeleen Kleve in her studio in Kommetjie.
  • 14 November 2018
    Meet Raja Oshi, a Sudanese artist living in Pietermaritzburg whose mixed media works are inspired by the context of her own life and reflect how she feels about world events.
  • 27 October 2018
    A film and interview with contemporary artist Chris Denovan to learn more about his creative process and see him in action in his studio in Cape Town.
  • 8 October 2018
    An interview with Heidi Shedlock in her studio in Durban about her love for capturing in oil paint the fusion of colour, texture, pattern and the form of beautiful flowers.
  • 27 September 2018
    A short video and an interview with artist Marie-Adèle de Villiers, who expresses her fascination with mountains in ink drawings and marks of time.
  • 24 August 2018
    Last but not least - our interview with Gallery Award finalist Lezanne Kotze!
  • 22 August 2018
    Another interview with a Gallery Award Finalist! We chat to Anna-Carien Goosen this time, before the Group Exhibition of Finalists opening in September.
  • 22 August 2018
    Janna Prinsloo shares her thoughts on the Gallery Award, her painting process, inspirations and plans!
  • 21 August 2018
    Meet Nadine Hansen, an artist based in Stilbaai who finds inspiration in the people and natural beauty that surrounds her.
  • 21 August 2018
    Meet the next artist shortlisted for the StateoftheART Gallery Award: Chloe Obermeyer!
  • 20 August 2018
    Jo Roets creates delicate light relief sculptures out of clay and is one of the Finalists in this years StateoftheART Gallery Award. We asked her some questions to help you to get to know her before the Finalists Exhibition.
  • 20 August 2018
    Next up and answering our questions! Gallery Award finalist and portrait painter Anina Deetlefs!
  • 20 August 2018
    Read more about Lebogang Mabusela, whose monotypes are informed by a critique on gender roles and material objects, and on show for the Gallery Award Finalists Exhibition 2018.
  • 18 August 2018
    Get to know the next finalist in line for the Gallery Award, painter Tina Teles!
  • 17 August 2018
    The Finalists are here! We have a few juicy questions for the ten lovely ladies shortlisted for the Gallery Award 2018, starting with Adele Van Heerden!
  • 16 August 2018
    We visit Tharien Smith in her studio and shop at Tharien's Trimorphic Art.
  • 30 July 2018
    We go behind the scenes with Liffey Joy in her home studio as she creates one of her mixed media works and meet her friendly cat, Rosie!
  • 17 July 2018
    We go behind the scenes with Lisette Forsyth in her studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.
  • 14 June 2018
    We chat to Claude Chandler about portraits, computers and his stamp technique.
  • 5 June 2018
    A short video on artist Joanne Reen in her studio in Port Elizabeth, and the inspiration she draws from the village of Nieu Bethesda.
  • 19 April 2018
    Learn more about Karen's work, process and inspiration in this short film created by StateoftheART.
  • 12 January 2018
    James de Villiers gives us exclusive insights into his studio space, history and art making process.
  • 11 October 2016
    "Visual artists have always been the voice we can see." Find out more about Corné Theron's painting practice, studio and interests.
  • 7 July 2016
    StateoftheART goes behind the scenes to visit the beautiful farmland studio of Isabel Naudé and to ask her about her life, art, and Bloodline series of artworks.
  • 19 April 2016
    We visit Kendall's studio to chat about what inspires her work, specifically looking at her series 'Call of the Wild', which forms part of our June group exhibition 'Beneath the Skin'.
  • 16 February 2016
    We've taken a look through the lens of Bettie Coetzee-Lambrecht's studio in Cape Town to see what inspires her photographic art.
  • 14 January 2016
    Travel through the city of Cape Town with us as we visit the studio of Karen Wykerd for a closer look at the process and inspiration behind her precisely detailed city-scape paintings.
  • 11 December 2015
    Jodi Hugo is renown for her tender yet emotional nude studies rendered in acrylic and charcoal. We met up with the artist to chat about her life and the inspiration behind her paintings.
  • 7 November 2015
    StateoftheART director Jennifer Reynolds went behind the scenes to uncover the process behind Zaan's incredibly detailed waterscape paintings and bronze sculptural pieces.
  • 13 August 2015
    We caught up with Johannesburg artist Laurel Holmes to chat about her work and her focus on painting still lifes of everyday objects as well as moody landscapes of the places she has visited.
  • 3 February 2015
    Sam Rietmann visited the Somerset West studio of visual artist Janet Botes to find out how she depicts the natural landscape in different formats and the inspiration behind her Land Art.
  • 26 November 2014
    What do Mary Poppins and the Terminator have in common? Not much if we are honest. Yet I encountered both of these figures in the studio of Kitty Dorje as we sat down to chat about the importance of silence, her new series of work and what the future holds.
  • 15 October 2014
    StateoftheART intern Sam Rietmann recently interviewed Claude Chandler to give you a behind-the-scenes insight into his work and artistic inspiration.
  • 29 August 2014
    StateoftheART popped into the Underculture Contemporary gallery in Port Elizabeth to chat to Cedric Vanderlinden.
  • 24 July 2014
    Artist Chris Denovan has recently moved in to a new studio in Observatory. We met up with him to preview his works-in-progress, learn about what inspires him, and see his work insitu.
  • 21 June 2014
    Join us as we chat to StateoftheART artists to find out interesting snippets about their latest work and inspiration.
  • 8 June 2014
    Join us for a tête-à-tête with Mary-Louise Bicket in her Cape Town studio.
  • 24 April 2014
    Join us for a glimpse into the studios of StateoftheART artists; meet them in their workspace, learn what inspires them and see their work hanging on their studio walls.